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Finnsheep Breeders Assocation

December 19, 2016

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Finnsheep Breeders Assocation

Finnsheep Breeders Assocation

Overview: The Finnsheep Breeders Assocation provides record keeping for registrations and transfers of Finnsheep in the USA. The main website provides background information about Finnsheep and the FBA including the breed standard, FBA newsletters, and forms for membership and animal registration. The Online Pedigrees section of the website provides features to search or browse the list of members and registered animals along with pedigrees and progeny lists. A Members Area provides online membership and animal registration forms with payment of fees using PayPal. The actual registry for the FBA is managed offline so the FBA Online Pedigree system uses a copy of the registry data that is updated regularly.

Technology: The main section of this site uses the WordPress framework with a number of plugins and other customizations. The Online Pedigree section is provided through a fully-custom PHP/MySQL system.


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