North American Clun Forest Association

North American Clun Forest Association Site


Overview: The North American Clun Forest Association (NACFA) site provides information about the Clun Forest breed of sheep as well as information about the breed association. The site includes an online database of all NACFA sheep registration records as well as NACFA member/breeder/owner data. The online sheep data is searchable and pedigrees can be displayed for each animal. Member data is also searchable and sortable. An Admin Area is provided for use by the association secretary/registrar for complete management of the member and animal data. An online registration application form is provided for use by NACFA breeders. When a registration application is submitted, the data is stored in a queue and the NACFA registrar is notified by email. The registrar can then process the registration applications using the Admin Area and convert each application into an animal record. The Admin Area also provides Registration Certificates (PDF) as well as address labels (PDF) for the membership list.

Technology: The online database section of this site is a fully-custom PHP/MySQL design. The remainder of the site is standard HTML.