Schedule of Fees

Web Site Design/Development

Our basic rate for design/development work is $40.00 / hour. A simple web page that doesn’t use a database might take an hour or two to develop. A complex form for data input or editing that interacts with your web database might take 4 hours or more. We can bid entire web sites based on your requirements instead of working by the hour if you prefer. In this case we will estimate the effort required and come up with the total price using the estimated time. We will then write a contract detailing the pages and features to be implemented. We will honor the contract total price even if it turns out to take more effort than we estimated.

Web Site Changes/Enhancements/Updates

After initial development, we can make changes, updates, and/or enhancements as needed for $40.00 / hour. We can negotiate a contract for major enhancements if you prefer (as described above for development.)

Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration Services

We offer a wide range of Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration services at extremely reasonable rates. Here are some of our basic offerings:

  • Basic Hosting Package: 100MB disk space, 5 email accounts: $5/month.
  • Basic Managed Hosting Package: 100MB disk space, 5 email accounts, PHP (no database): $10/month.
  • Deluxe Managed Hosting Package: 250MB disk space, 10 email accounts, PHP, 1 MySQL database: $15/month.
  • Domain Name Registration: (.com, .net, .org, .info) $12/year.
  • Digital Certificate & Dedicated IP address: (required for Secure Pages) One-time setup fee of $20, then $60/year.

Note that our Managed Hosting packages assume that we are managing the hosting for you, meaning that we will upload the pages to the server, create email accounts, setup and maintain the database, etc. This management work will either be included in our development fee (for initial setup) or they will be covered by our fees for changes/enhancements/updates. We can provide additional storage or other features if needed — please contact us for more details.

Note also that with a database-driven web site, you can maintain your own database (add/delete/update records) using password-protected pages of your own site without needing to log in to the web server (assuming that these features were built in to your site, of course.)