Custom Websites


Fully-Custom Website Design/Development

We can design and develop a fully-custom web site (using PHP and MySQL) for you with any or all of the following features:

  • Database-driven pages: Your web pages can display real-time data from your database. An example is an online catalog that always shows the latest information directly from the underlying database stored on the web server.
  • Database input: You and/or your customers (perhaps after logging in) can add and/or update your online database using forms on your web pages. For example, you could add/update/delete your online catalog items anytime from your own computer through your web pages.
  • Picture Upload: You and/or your customers can add or update pictures for your web site in the same manner as above. Your web site can automatically resize the pictures to fit a standard page format if desired. Thumbnails can be automatically generated from your pictures in real time. For example, an online catalog could show thumbnails in a search results page, with links to the full-size pictures.
  • User authentication: Password protected user authentication can be provided. You might need only a portion of your web site to be password protected, for example, an administrator area for your own database maintenance, or a customer login area for online purchases or access to customer account information.
  • Secure pages: Secure pages (using SSL and a digital certificate) can be provided for such applications as online purchases.
  • User customization: Personalized content can be provided for each of your customers using sessions and/or cookies.
  • E-commerce: If you need an online store, we can provide catalog functionality, shopping carts, credit card processing (using PayPal), and more.